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The finest lighting fixture does more than light a room — it illuminates. In the exceptional design and detailing, a fixture provides not just light, but charm and sophistication as well. At Solária, we offer a diverse line of specialty lighting products, all beautifully designed and carefully crafted in a distinctive, weathered European style. From rustic sconces, to formal distressed ceiling fixtures, to beautifully embellished chandeliers, our unique lighting products bring an elegance and grace that will light — and illuminate — any room.

At Solaria Lighting, we are dedicated to sustainability.

For Solaria, “green” is not just a buzzword. It stands for our earnest effort to reduce our global carbon footprint. Our move toward a greener future has come from a desire to learn and change and improve the world we share. By discarding inefficient processes, using recycled materials and educating our staff on what it means to “go green,” we’ve been able to curtail our costs and minimize the impact our services have on the environment. Our goals for these improvements are not just financially aware, but globally aware.

The Right Materials

We use recycled and reclaimed metals and woods whenever possible. Our need to outsource is small, reducing our carbon footprint. We take pride in using discarded or neglected resources and creating beautiful works of art from them.

Clean and Green Production

Our techniques are efficient and earth-friendly. We handcraft most of our product, keeping our emissions low. Our use of toxic chemicals is minimal.

Low-impact use

Our use of LED lights, CRT’s and low wattage bulbs further ensures performance efficiency. LED lights use 90 percent less power than lamps using incandescent bulbs. CRT’s and low wattage bulbs not only conserve energy, but also curb the customer’s costs in energy spending.


We are proud of the level of quality that goes into all of our lights. If it’s built to last it is more likely to be reused and less likely to end up in a scrap yard. Because our lights are handmade with exquisite attention to detail, our hope is that what we create will last several generations.

Waste Reduction

Using recycled wood, paper and cardboard for shipping keeps our waste output limited. We build our freight pallets in-house, using discarded wood. Our paper product is recycled and reused, always. Everything that can be recycled is recycled. Since implementing these goals, we have drastically cut our wasteful habits in half.

There is still much to be done, however. As we get more and more serious about our personal commitment to living in a sustainable, renewable future, we continue to set the bar higher and higher for efficiency and waste reduction. We hope our practices and respect for nature will continue to have a positive impact, not just on our business but also on our workers, our community and ourselves.

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